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Serve – Go into all the world

Serving as a way of life.

In our Vision  we believe that everyone is a valuable member of Christ’s body, the Church.

We believe

  • Everyone has a Divine Call from God on their life.
  • Everyone has a Particular Place in God’s Body – the Church.
  • Everyone has a Unique Ministry to perform.

Consequently we want to give everyone an opportunity to discover where and when they can serve whether it’s on a regular weekly basis or for a short term project.

Our goad is to help everyone discover their areas of ministry and then to create opportunities for service and ministry. Helping people discover the joy and satisfaction of serving God is part of the ongoing development of our vision.

Once each year we hold a meeting where we assist one another to discover our individual ministry gifts, personality type, values and life experience that will help us in “Finding our Shape to Serve”.

The opportunities are endless – really only subject to our imagination and empowerment from the Holy Spirit. Each of us really want to end our lives with a sense of satisfaction that we were obedient to the call of God on our lives. Our responsibility as a Church Leadership is to do all we can to help you discover that call.

Email our office to discover when you can be a part of the next “Shape” meeting.


As a Church we support a number of local and overseas mission activities that range from Love Traralgon here in Gippsland to African Action and their support of orphanages and practical support of people in Uganda and other African states. We also support a missionary in Papua New Guinea who was sent out from Reality.

Each month we take up a special offering to support these missions groups or ministries.