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35 Larnach Road, Traralgon VIC 3844
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Our story so far…

We are a contemporary pentecostal church that is part of a group of churches called “CRC Churches International”. This group of churches was founded in 1945 by Pastor Leo Harris in Adelaide and has grown to over 130 churches here in Australia, as well as churches throughout the Pacific region, New Zealand, Asia and Africa.

As a local church we began back in 1971 and were the first Pentecostal Church in Traralgon. Pastor John and Jean Leak were the pioneering ministers who established and built the Church. In those early days, the presentation of a charismatic message of victorious living in Christ was quite a contrast to the more traditional church meetings so there was quite a level of suspicion – who were these new people and what were they all about?

However the message and evidence of transformed lives soon began to make its impact on the community and the Church began to rapidly grow. People were healed of sickness. Marriages were restored and families blossomed in an environment of love and care. People filled with the Holy Spirit power were transforming their lives and discovering that they could be an influence that improved their families, their workplaces and their community. Heady days!

Over the years we moved three times before we were finally able to purchase our current 20 acre property and buildings. Over the years we have gradually developed the facilities to what they are today.

We want people to discover the “real” difference Jesus Christ can make in a person’s life, and that’s the reason for our name – “Reality”.

 Each of us can testify to the “Reality” of Christ in our lives!

So Reality Church is here to present Jesus Christ to our local community by displaying the incredible changes He has made in our lives. Each of us have been saved from something, and have ended up better people. That doesn’t mean things aren’t wrong in our lives or that we don’t face difficult times. It’s just that we have found the answer, the strength or resilience necessary to help us through to a brighter day.

Seriously, Jesus Christ has made all the difference in our lives. And if you’d like to know more about how, please visit us.

CRC Churches International

Our Denomination is known as CRC Churches International

CRC Churches International was founded in Adelaide (Adelaide Crusade Centre, now Sturt Street, Adelaide Christian Centre) in 1945 by the late Pastor Leo Harris.  Leo Harris was an outstanding minister of the Word and a true Apostolic Statesman.

Under his leadership the CRC grew across Australia and then reached out to adjoining nations.  Today the CRC has grown into a vibrant International movement of many hundreds of Local Churches and Ministries.

The National Chairman for Australia is Pastor Bill Vasilakis.

Over the last 15 to 20 years the CRC has become a strongly Missions Driven Movement.  

The overall International Leadership is provided by Pastor Barry Silverback.

Click on to the CRC website links below for a complete picture of who the CRC is and what it is doing in Australia and Internationally.  

CRC Churches International

CRC World Missions

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