Sunday Mornings – 10:00am
35 Larnach Road, Traralgon VIC 3844
0499 354 733

“Accepted just as you are.”

Church is meant to be a place where you can feel wanted. Too often people think of church as a place of rules and regulations – that you have to act and behave in a special way to be accepted. Well that’s not true.

Reality is a church where people have discovered “Family” – a place where they have been accepted just as they are. That doesn’t mean we’ve stayed the same as when we arrived. We would all say we’ve grown into better people because of one significant priority.



There was a very popular TV show called “Cheers” that had a theme song called “I want to go where everybody knows my name”.

Well that’s our theme too.

A place where everybody knows your name.

 Loving God and loving each other is what Jesus said the whole of the law of God was built on, so we believe that “relationships” are what we should be all about and we mean it.

So we’ve encouraged each other on our personal journey with God and discovered and built lasting friendships that have significantly transformed our lives. We are all in the process of being changed, from one degree of glory to the next, in the hope that each of us can influence our immediate world to be something better.

We believe that Christianity has to have a face, hands and feet, a voice you can hear and love and care you can feel. And that happens through people, not religion.

That’s why we say this is “The People’s Church” and why it’s called “Reality” – Real Christianity in the making.

And so we invite you to come along and try our church and see whether it fits you – no obligation, no special format, just you feeling free to be you.

Ps Keith Walsingham

Pastor Keith